Legal Translation

Legal communications protect your game and brand. Expert localization is the best defense. Case closed!

The pursuit of perfection. 

When translating legal documents, precision is key. It is of the utmost importance that terms and conditions and policies are crystal clear across all languages. Even the smallest legal error can cast a shadow on your good intentions and break your community’s trust.


Legal translation requires legal experts.

At Terra Localizations, we work with sworn translators from around the world. Laws can vary significantly between countries, so translators must be experts in legal terminology to avoid even the slightest misinterpretation.

Localization plays an important role in producing professionally translated legal documents that hold up under the scrutiny of a foreign audience. Our certified translators have been academically trained to work with documents such as agreements, contracts, copyright, and more. Teaming up with Terra ensures that your legal translations will reflect the highest level of fidelity and accuracy. Protect your brand—all around the planet!

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