Terra Localizations Launches Brand Refresh

May 31, 2023

Last week, Terra Translations’ video game division, Tera Localizations, announced the launch of a brand refresh that can now be seen throughout their website, social media platforms, and marketing materials.

Terra was proud to partner with Savage Solutions, a Milwaukee-based creative agency that works with emerging brands specializing in positioning their brand for growth, in particular from a messaging and visual standpoint, building or rebuilding a brand to put it out to the world.

The previous website was characterized by a space theme that burst with beautiful illustrations by artist Adrián Rodera, featuring astronauts, planets, and other funky space-related objects. While most of the original artwork remains, the brand refresh introduced a revamped logo, and injected new images and fun characters that visitors to their website will no doubt enjoy.

In addition to an aesthetical update, a key driver of Terra’s brand refresh was to better reflect a coming-of-age. The team has come a long way since Terra Translations and Terra Localizations were founded: they have grown in number, worked on amazing projects, and ultimately, they have matured as a company. “Through the brand refresh, Terra is going to be able to share all these superpowers with the world in a more clear and authentic way,” Terra Localizations’ CEO Marina Ilari said.

Expertise, innovation, and passion have been at the heart of Terra Localizations’ core valus since day one. For years these values have been fed into the projects they have produced to ensure gamers experience as much enjoyment and authenticity playing localized games as those who play them in the original language. Terra’s new branding has been finely crafted to reflect these core values, “It’s a labor of love and everyone who participated in it can attest to the fact that we worked hard to make it authentic and a true representation of our team,” Marina said.

With Terra Localizations’ brand refresh now launched, and some new, interesting video game localization projects underway, it is an exciting time for the video game localization company. All the team at Terra Localizations hope you will enjoy their brand refresh!