EVA 2021 Digital. September 1-4

September 1-4, 2021

Today September 1st marks the day of 2021’s EVA. The event will take place through September 1-4 100% remotely through digital platforms.

EVA stands for Exposición de Videojuegos Argentina [Argentina Video Game Expo]. Since 2003, the Association of Video Game Developers of Argentina (ADVA) organizes the EVA in an uninterrupted manner. EVA is a space for meetings, discussions, training, and business development. It is the most important event in the local video game development industry and grows year after year in public, guests, and sponsors. Every year, more than 2,000 developers, publishers, outsourcing studios, and students attend the Expo.

The event features Business meeting opportunities through the Pine platform, making scheduling meetings with other attendees, fast, easy and safe for everyone.

With a Portfolio day and various talks and sessions throughout this 4-day-long event, EVA’s second digital Edition is bound to be full of interesting networking opportunities, insightful talks and many games to play from South American developers with EVA Play 2021 going through September 1st to the 30th.

For further details, check out EVA 2021’s Website here and EVA Play here, to get your Gaming fix with over 30 games from South American Developers to choose from.